How to Make Your Own Swipe Story: What To Do When It’s a T-Rex

In the age of Tinder, where people post pictures of themselves, swipe stories have become commonplace.

They can even be posted in-game.

But while you can post a story about how you swiped a character from your Facebook page, they’re also a great way to make a game-play interaction feel more authentic.

And with swiping stories, you’re able to bring back moments from your childhood that aren’t really there.

Take a look at the video above for an example of a simple swiper story.

If you’re looking to try something a little more challenging, here’s how to make one yourself.


Make Your First Swipe First, you’ll need to make an avatar for yourself.

You can create a simple picture of yourself, but there are some great options for a more detailed picture.

I recommend adding a black or white avatar.

For this example, I used a black-and-white avatar.

Make sure to also add a background to your avatar and a title.

I like to name it something like, “T-Rex” because it’s a reference to a famous Disney character.

The name will make it easier for the player to recognize the character, which makes it easier to identify the swiper.


Pick A Gameplay Element First, decide what game you’re going to use.

Some games have multiple elements that you can choose from.

For example, there’s a game called “I’m A Swiper” that lets you swipe characters from different games to unlock new ones.

Here’s what you’ll want to do to select an element: Select an element Pick an element Make your first swiper image Select an option Make your swiper character Make your avatar.

You’ll want your avatar to have a short hairstyle, because it makes it easy for the user to recognize you.


Create Your Swiper Story After you’ve made your first avatar, you need to create a story that you’ll use to tell the player why you’re swiping.

You should probably pick a story with the swipe’s primary mechanic, like “I swiped from a character named T-rex.”

Make sure you include a description, so that the player can easily recognize you and follow along.

Make it short and sweet.

Make the story short, but not overly long.

Try to avoid making a long story if possible.

The more details you put in the story, the more you’ll have to remember, so don’t go overboard.


Pick An Action It’s important to choose an action you can do before the player finds out you’re a swiper by swiping over the character.

I chose to swipe over an avatar because I wanted to use the swiping mechanic to interact with a character.

This was an easy choice because it gave me a good excuse to quickly get back to the game and explore the world.

I also used the action to tell my story, which made it feel like a part of my life that I wasn’t supposed to be in. 5.

Make A Game In this example game, I created a character called “Teejayx.”

I chose a short hair style for my avatar, but I also added a background.

If the game doesn’t have an avatar, I made a portrait of the character using the same photo I used for my first swipe.

I made this character using a photo I found in my family’s attic.


Add More Swiping Elements Here’s where you’ll add more elements to your swiping story.

Pick an action from the elements that make up the story.

The most important element is the action you choose.

When the action comes up, the swipers’ reaction is what you want them to be excited about.

I created an action that was an invitation for the swipes to continue, but it’s not necessary to follow it.

I wanted them to know they were swiping to unlock more characters.

For an example, here are two other action elements: 1.

A brief description Make sure your swipers understand what the action is about and what it’s going to do.

Make a short story that describes the action and gives them a reason to continue.

2 .

An action prompt After you’re done with the action, you can add more information about what the swiped character is going to be doing to help them continue the swipe.

If there’s no action prompt, add a reminder of what you swiping from will do and the reason you want to continue the swpipe.

Make them laugh, say “Hi” and “Good luck!”

After you add some of these, the player will be able to know that you’re not just trying to swipe a random character.

They’ll also have some information about the character they just swiped.

For more on swiping, check out this video.

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