What’s in the next big wave of smartwatch?

With the arrival of Apple Watch 2 and the impending launch of its much more powerful companion device, the iPhone X, Apple has a huge opportunity to take the next step in its smartwatch push.

But it will need to do so with a lot of changes, particularly in the way it manages the data it sends to the device.

This article is part of Next Big Futures’ new series on the future of wearables, and explores what’s in store for wearables in the coming years.

Read moreWhat we’ve seen with Apple Watch 1Apple Watch 1A new design for the Apple Watch series was launched in January 2016, and the first iteration was a fairly conventional version of what we’ve come to know as the Apple watch.

This time around, though, Apple went for a radically different look.

Rather than a traditional circular watch face, Apple took a look at the idea of an OLED display and replaced it with a round OLED screen that’s much thinner and lighter than what we currently see in smartphones.

It looks a lot like a smartphone display, and it does a good job of combining the features of a smartwatch, but there are some important differences.

For starters, it’s actually an OLED.

OLEDs have been around for a while, but it was only with the introduction of the iPhone that they became mainstream.

OLED displays have many benefits over traditional LCDs.

OLED technology is not only thinner, but also cheaper and lighter.

They are also more energy efficient.

OLED display technology is also generally more stable than LCD displays, which makes it ideal for high-resolution displays, like the iPhone’s Retina Display.

OLED panels are also lighter, which means that they are less prone to degradation and need less power to run, and can therefore be used with smaller devices.

The new Apple Watch has been a pretty successful product, with the first batch of watches sold out in a matter of days, and there has been much speculation about what will happen next with the next wave of Apple Watches.

We’ve seen a number of predictions, including that Apple will use OLED displays in the future in Apple Watch Series 2.

While the technology has not been formally announced, we’ve been told by multiple sources that OLED displays will eventually be used in future models of the AppleWatch.

There’s also been talk that Apple could potentially use the technology in future versions of its iWatch line, and a recent report suggests that the company might launch its own version of the OLED display that’s similar to the one found in the iPhone.

But, ultimately, the focus is going to be on Apple Watch as the smartwatch market continues to evolve.

Apple is also expected to launch a new series of smartwatches with more powerful chips, which would allow the device to run even more powerful apps.

This would be a huge boon for Apple, and potentially make the Applewatch even more useful for everyday users.

Apple could also potentially expand the use of the Watch’s battery life by adding a battery that’s as large as the iPhone, or adding some other kind of sensor.

However, it is also possible that the watch will become a little more powerful, with Apple releasing a smaller, more power-efficient version of its watch that could potentially be released in the fall.

Apple could also introduce a new accessory that would allow for additional connectivity to the Apple wearable, including additional charging ports.

The idea is that Apple would use the additional ports to enable more features like Siri, notifications, and Apple Pay, allowing users to connect to their smartwatch in the same way that they connect to the iPhone through AirPods.

The next step for Apple is likely to be an expanded range of accessories, but for now, the Watch will remain the most popular smartwatch for most people.

There will be new Apple Watchers in the pipeline, and they could be the most interesting product Apple has released in quite some time.

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