How to avoid the ‘slip’ that is acrylic swiping

There’s no doubt that acrylic is one of the most popular household cleaning products, but how it behaves when used on surfaces is not well understood.

And now, research shows, it can cause a dangerous reaction to other household cleaners too.

Here are some tips to avoid accidentally using acrylic swipes on your home.


Don’t use a swab brush or a brush that has a plastic tip.

If you’re using acrylic cleaning products on furniture, carpets, surfaces or even your carpets with a plastic surface, the swab could inadvertently spill a substance that’s dangerous for your skin and the environment.

Swabs that use a metal or plastic tip are usually much safer.

However, if you have to use a plastic brush or one that has plastic tips, use one with a rubber tip instead.


Be sure to wash the surface before you use acrylic cleaning product.

If there’s a surface that you want to clean, be sure to use an acrylic cleaning solution and wash the surfaces before you do so.

You don’t want the acrylic product to mix up with the cleaning solution or make it spill.


Do not rub or scrub with acrylic cleaning brush.

Rubbing or scraping the surface with a wet sponge can cause damage to your skin, and can even lead to a reaction with other household cleaning items.


Never apply any cleaning products to your face.

If your skin is sensitive to acrylic cleaning, use a dry mask or use a moisturiser that is safe for your sensitive skin.


Avoid rubbing your skin with a glass or ceramic surface.

If acrylic is used on a glass, ceramic or wooden surface, you may inadvertently spread the acrylic on it.

This can cause the acrylic to seep into your skin.


Don the safety glasses.

If using a glass and ceramic surface, use goggles or goggles that cover your eyes when you’re not using the surface.


If the acrylic is in a spray bottle, avoid touching the bottle while using it.

Use a clean hand wash or rinse it off.


Do a little research before you try acrylic cleaning.

If it seems like acrylic cleaning is the right thing to do, then check the labels carefully.

You might not have to worry about contamination from other household products, and you won’t have to do the work of removing it yourself.

If this is the case, check the ingredients listed on the product package.

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