What the scientists found at a new ocean research station

An ocean research outpost in the Caribbean Sea was built by a company that has donated tens of millions of dollars to Republican presidential candidates.

The $1.5 million outpost is a facility designed to research the effects of carbon dioxide on coral reefs.

It sits on a barren stretch of ocean, about 300 miles from Florida, in the Bahamas.

The research is funded by the US National Science Foundation, which gave $1 million in 2017 for the research.

The scientists are studying the effects on coral reef growth and growth of a CO2 fertilization program that has been running for years in the Atlantic Ocean.

They found the coral reef in the bay that was most affected was one of the largest in the world.

They also found that corals can recover from the CO2 program.

“What we found in the corals was that they can grow up to 10 times their normal size in that area,” said Dr. Paul N. Pfeifer, one of four researchers from the University of Florida who worked at the outpost.

“That’s pretty significant.

So we can see they’re able to recover and to respond in a much more positive way than in a natural setting.”

Pfeifer and his colleagues found that a program called BioFuel was able to increase the growth of corals that are not receiving any CO2.

The corals in the Bay of St. Thomas grew significantly more quickly when the program was underway.

The reef scientists are hoping to use the technology in future research to measure how CO2 affects coral growth in the ocean.

The program is designed to control CO2 levels by injecting it into the water.

Pfeiffer said the research will help scientists determine how CO 2 affects coral reefs in the future.

“We’ll have to go back and figure out how we can actually do a more comprehensive assessment of what happens to corals as CO2 increases,” he said.

“If we can find out what the impacts are of that, then we can better monitor how the coralese is doing and how they’re responding to CO2.”

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