Which of these will win the Spanish election?

The election in Spain will be a referendum on the country’s economy, with some polls showing it could end up being a landslide for Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s right-wing Popular Party (PP) in a vote that could last weeks.

The poll will be closely watched because it could decide whether Spain is in a “long, hard recession” that began in 2008, when it was rocked by a banking crisis and an economic slump triggered by a global economic crisis.

The PPP has campaigned on a populist agenda, blaming banks and businesses for the countrys problems and promising to renegotiate with foreign lenders and foreign companies.

The government has promised a $2.5 billion stimulus package and a series of reforms, but critics have slammed the measures as “too little, too late.”

Many polls show the PP has a slight lead, although most suggest the election is close.

But many Spaniards are worried about the economic future of their country, and they are frustrated that they can’t do anything about it.

They say the economy has suffered badly from the crisis, and are increasingly turning to populism to get a better deal.

Rajoy has repeatedly promised to renegotiat the country s biggest economy, which has the fourth-largest economy in the European Union behind Germany and France.

The PP has campaigned hard on this message, but Rajoy has yet to deliver on it.

The economy is still the biggest worry for many Spaniard, who fear they will lose their jobs and face rising unemployment as unemployment reaches 40 percent.

The country has a record of high unemployment and poverty, with more than 30 percent of its workforce living on less than $2 a day.

The PP has made sweeping promises to reform the country.

But it has also promised to create thousands of new jobs for people who have been laid off from their jobs.

Some of the new jobs will be in education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

The main opposition party, the Liberal Party, is also calling for more spending on social programs, saying it is essential to keep the economy going.

It has promised to pay for those promises by reducing taxes on the wealthy and the rich’s corporations.

Many people have expressed anger and frustration over the country and their inability to do anything.

They have criticized the government for not doing enough to tackle the economic crisis and for not implementing the government s austerity measures.

The ruling Popular Party has faced some criticism over its handling of the crisis and its lack of action.

It promised to reform Spain, but many Spaniars are concerned it has failed to implement its promises.

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