How to Wear a Swipe to the Movies

With Halloween coming up, we’re asking you to put on a swipe costume for your favorite horror movie.

You’ll need a pair of swipes and a flashlight.

We’ll walk you through the steps of what to wear to the movies.

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Wear your most classic Halloween costume.

Your best bet is to wear something that looks like it was designed for Halloween.

Your favorite costumes are:1.)

The original, the Halloween costume, the white and black of the 1920s, or the red and white of the 1940s.2.)

A classic Halloween headdress or wig, as long as it’s not a traditional costume.3.)

A Halloween costume made from fabric that looks very like a costume.

For example, a costume made out of old T-shirts and sweatshirts that were made in the late 1800s or early 1900s.4.)

The classic Halloween mask.

It can be worn by a man or a woman.5.)

A costume that has a lot of spooky elements.6.)

A black tuxedo, like the one worn by Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator, or by an African-American man wearing a white coat and black boots.7.)

A dark suit with a red or white scarf.8.)

The traditional Halloween mask worn by the late King George VI, the Queen Elizabeth II, or other prominent figures.9.)

A traditional costume with a mask that covers the face, a bowtie or a mask-like piece of fabric.10.)

A hat with a mustache.

You may also like to dress up as a clown or a witch.


A face mask that looks as if it has a mouth full of candy.12.)

A headscarf that looks more like a traditional Halloween costume than a traditional black or white one.13.)

A simple costume that is inspired by a classic Halloween movie or TV show.14.)

An outfit that doesn’t have anything fancy, like a dark sweater or a short skirt.15.)

A white and gray outfit.

For Halloween, a white suit is the most important.16.)

A light-colored Halloween costume that goes with your favorite Halloween movie.17.)

A red or black Halloween mask, worn by characters from popular films like The Mummy, or from the classic TV show Halloween.18.)

A modern look.

A modern Halloween costume has a more traditional look than the traditional Halloween outfit.19.)

A short, casual Halloween outfit with a simple, low-key look.20.)

A more modern costume that looks good with a dark coat and dark pants.21.)

An ensemble with a wide range of accessories, like jewelry, scarves, and other accessories.22.)

A casual Halloween costume without the costume element.23.)

A stylish, comfortable costume that shows off your style, with or without makeup.24.)

A summer outfit that looks great with jeans and a sweater.25.)

A cute, fun Halloween costume with an outfit that is not a classic or traditional Halloween one.26.)

A fun Halloween outfit that’s a little more traditional than a classic one.27.)

An old Halloween costume for a family friend.28.)

A family costume that was inspired by the classic movie The Muppets.29.)

A vintage Halloween costume from the 1930s or 1940s that is great for your kids or anyone else.30.)

A cool, vintage costume that comes with a hoodie and a hat.31.)

A holiday costume with lots of accessories.32.)

A cozy costume that makes your house feel cozy.33.)

A party-ready costume that’s made for the whole family.34.)

A colorful Halloween costume designed for a party.35.)

A creative costume for Halloween parties.36.)

A night out.37.)

A fashion accessory that is part of a Halloween party.38.)

An easy costume for kids or kids at heart.39.)

A festive costume for the holidays.40.)

A special Halloween party that includes fun and games.41.)

A sexy costume that doesn and is perfect for your Halloween party or party.42.)

An affordable Halloween costume like this one.43.)

A great Halloween costume in your closet that is also a great gift for your loved ones.44.)

A fashionable Halloween costume inspired by Halloween movies or TV shows.45.)

A funny Halloween costume at a party, or a costume that suits your style.46.)

A fabulous Halloween costume to wear at your favorite party.47.)

A new Halloween costume and party trick that is perfect to wear for Halloween!48.)

A memorable Halloween costume idea for a kid.49.)

A trendy Halloween costume on your next big trip.50.)

A classy Halloween costume or outfit for your own kids.51.)

A unique Halloween costume style for Halloween party parties.52.)

A chic Halloween costume by the stars, or costume for someone special.53.)A

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