How to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ with a sticky swipe feature

By now you know how to swipe to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 8 Plus.

And how to do it with a handy feature called “sticky swipe.”

We talked about this last week in a Samsung Galaxy news post, and it’s a pretty awesome feature that Samsung is trying to bring to its devices.

It’s basically a swipe-to-lock mechanic that works pretty well, but we’re sure you’ll want to try it on your own phone to see how it works.

We’ll walk you through how to enable it on both of your phones and let you know if it works on your device as well.1.

Go to Settings>Security>System settings.2.

Tap on “Device locking.”3.

Under “Lock screen notifications,” tap on “Disable device locking.”4.

Tap “Enable.”5.

Tap the slider that says “Allow Samsung to lock your device.”6.

Tap and hold “Disable lock screen notifications.”7.

If the screen turns off, tap the slider again.8.

Now, tap “Set a time to automatically unlock your device after you swipe up.”9.

Under your device, tap a notification and choose “Show notification.”10.

Select “Enable lock screen unlocking.”11.

Go back to Settings and tap “Apply.”

If you have an iPhone, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on the lock screen.

It will say “Enable unlock with a swipe.”

Tap the “Disable” button.

You should now see a screen like the image above.

You should see the “Allow device unlocking” button appear.

Tap it to turn off the device’s lock screen, and you should see a notification saying “Lock Screen notifications disabled.”

Tap “Apply” to make the screen turn off and allow Samsung to unlock it.

If you want to use a different device, head over to Settings > Apps > Lock Screen.

Tap on the notification and then tap “Allow.”

If you want the phone to stay locked, tap on it to lock it.

If you don’t want to, just tap “Remove” to unlock it.

The Samsung Galaxy devices have the ability to lock the screen while they’re in use.

The feature is called “Device Lock.”

It requires that you have the phone in your hand when you want it to stay unlocked, but Samsung will still allow it to keep the phone’s lockscreen open when it’s not being used.

You’ll see a message that you’ll get when you get to the “Lock” screen.

If the phone doesn’t turn off automatically after a few seconds, you can turn off Device Lock.

The “Disable Device Lock” option is also there.

Tap “Allow” when you’re done and your phone should turn off.

The message says “Device locked, unlocking your phone after swipe.”

Press the “Apply button” to get the phone back into your hands.

Now that your phone is locked, you’re ready to go back to using your Galaxy S 8 and S 8+ with Device Lock enabled.

You can use the Samsung Gear app to unlock or lock your Galaxy device.2/1/17

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